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Permanent Makeup Offers Ideal Solutions for Travel Restrictions on Flights

The Australian Border Force has introduced new restrictions on the amount of powders, liquids, aerosols and gels. Makeup is now severely restricted in your ability to carry it onboard, and with more people taking carry on luggage these days, putting yourself together at your destination can pose somewhat of a problem. 

If you’re a frequent flyer, or travel internationally, this can cause you some grief in terms of what you can take with you, and having to leave behind your favourite cosmetics, and unsure of the quality available at your destination can pose you with somewhat of a dilemma. 

Having eyeliner, gels, brow kits, lipstick and liner, gloss and all of the makeup tools can add to your onboard restrictions, and when weight limits apply, it can be the difference a few hundred grams make between taking your prescriptions, or deciding to look good. 

There are some solutions that when you are well prepared in advance can set you in good stead and ensure you are always looking your pristine best. Before you go, make sure that you have had all your waxing treatments, as carrying razors and shaving gels on board is next to impossible, and your makeup tools such as eyebrow tweezers may be considered potentially dangerous. 

Permanent makeup in the form of tattoo brows, eyeliner and tattoo lips can make a huge difference, as all you need to then take is a simple BB cream, and some lip gloss, a small makeup palette, and your favorite mascara, unless you have your eyelashes done before you leave. 

With a little bit of prep, and some thought, you can really opt to save some space, and have the convenience of relaxing, knowing that you still look well put together, even when you walk out of the ocean and onto the beach. 

A holiday or business travel takes us far away from home and the things that are familiar, so being well prepared and ready to take on anything will help allay any anxiety about a new destination. Micah has travelled extensively, and can help advise you on how to look your very best when it comes to travel, including advising you on the types of food that are best during your destination, and also as a nurse, help you with advice in maintaining your health while you are overseas. 

Getting sick on holidays is no fun, and you don’t look so fresh or so great. A quick trip to Cosmetic Art by Micah, can help you feel incredible before you go, maintain your confidence and wellness during your trip, and have you looking revitalised and fresh when you come off the plane. 

Permanent makeup ensures you have less to be concerned about during your trip, and avoids you having your beautiful and favourite products from home confiscated by customs, or having to pay extra to take it with you. Travel lightly, and stay fresh by visiting Micah at least six to eight weeks before you plan to go, so that you can have your look fresh when you get on the plane. 

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