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Procedural and skin types vary, as does the level of aftercare taken by clients. The outcome of the procedure can be affected by this as well as the symmetry of the facial features, the skin type and tone, underlying blood vessels and whether or not the client has had a recent procedure done such as […]

Permanent Makeup Offers Ideal Solutions for Travel Restrictions on Flights

The Australian Border Force has introduced new restrictions on the amount of powders, liquids, aerosols and gels. Makeup is now severely restricted in your ability to carry it onboard, and with more people taking carry on luggage these days, putting yourself together at your destination can pose somewhat of a problem.  If you’re a frequent […]

Post Care Forms

Right Click to Download Your PDF Post-Care Procedure Inforation Eyebrow Post Care Eyeliner Post Care Lip Post Care

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

When people think about having their faces with tattooed makeup, there is some hesitation about the pain. Because very strong local anaesthetic is applied to the lips prior to this procedure, there is absolutely no reason to worry about enduring a lot of agony in a very sensitive area of the body. The lips will […]

Cosmetic Art: The Benefits

Cosmetic Tattoo Brows Imagine, no more having to pluck shape and colour for hours and then having to redo, aren’t those redo’s of your eyebrows so dang annoying! The careful application of feather touch eyebrow tattoos create such an incredibly amazing definition whilst looking beautifully natural. Cosmetic Eyeliner Eyes get more defined and you can […]

Beauty Therapy

A beauty therapist is awesome. Conducting skin analysis and advising clients on skin and body care. Performing facial or body massage and treatments, including spa therapy, reflexology and aromatherapy. Removing facial or body hair through waxing or electrolysis. … Selling and providing advice on cosmetic and skin care products.

Micah’s Blog

Micah will share tips, hints and many different ideas on how to improve your appearance, and live your best life every single day. Stay tuned for our blog!

Consent Form

COSMETIC ART BY MICAH  Consent to Application of Cosmetic Tattoo Procedure I, am over the age of 18, am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and desire to receive the indicated permanent cosmetic procedure.   The general nature of cosmetic tattooing as well as the specific procedure to be performed has been explained […]

Feather Brows

Luxurious perfect brows that frame your face and highlight your most beautiful features.

Scalp Micropigmentation

One of the most high-tech and satisfactory, naturally looking treatments for hair loss, SMP creates you at your best.

Permanent Makeup

Keen to wear your alpha face 24 hours a day, always ready to take on the next goal? Permanent makeup has you made up effortlessly, all the time.

Anti-ageing Treatments

Micah offers a range of anti-ageing treatments, including micro-dermabrasion, dermal fillers, and para-medical facials.

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